Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra (16-inch, 2023)

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Ekspertanmeldelse av : Mark Coppock (

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra review: the fastest Galaxy Book yet


The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is the most powerful version yet, offering a lot of performance in a thin and light package. But it's quite expensive.

Excellent productivity performance Solid creative performance Outstanding display Great touchpad Solid build

Expensive Below-average battery life

“The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is a laptop that can handle demanding creative tasks in a chassis that's relatively thin and light for a 16-inch machine.”

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra review: a lean, mean Windows machine


Samsung's Galaxy Book3 Ultra is a thin and light 16-inch Windows laptop with a GPU inside. That's like basically all you need to know.

Thin and light as workstations go ; AMOLED screen with adaptive refresh rate ; Continuity features for Galaxy phone users

Expensive ; RTX 4050 isn’t the most impressive GPU ; Mediocre webcam

But it is worth reiterating that Windows fans can find a better GPU and higher-resolution screen for a very similar price in something like the Dell XPS 15 . And while the Galaxy Book is more portable than the 16-inch MacBook Pro, it does not deliver...

Jul 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Allisa James (

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra review: the Jack of all trades of Ultrabooks


The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra can do nearly anything

Excellent performance ; Beautiful 3K AMOLED with HDR ; Keyboard feels great ; Solid sound and webcam quality

Terrible battery life ; Extremely expensive

The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is capable of nearly any task you put it to – productivity, creative projects, and more. Plus, the Samsung ecosystem inside is a feature that truly rivals Apple's.

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra review: A sub-4 pound powerhouse


A near-perfect blend of performance and portability

Stunningly accurate 16-inch AMOLED display ; Sub-4 pound weight ; Strong performance for its size ; Full-size keyboard and massive trackpad ; Blistering fast SSD

Below 10 hours of battery life ; Disappointing webcam

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra packs solid performance into an improbably thin and light chassis, making it an ideal option for power users and content creators on the go. Just don’t forget your charger on trips.

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Jonathan Bray (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra review: The third way


The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra is a creative powerhouse with an incredible display but isn't as good for gaming as you might imagine

Competitively priced ; Spare SSD slot ; Glorious display

RTX 4070 runs at a low 60W ; Underwhelming keyboard

The low TGP of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 makes it difficult to recommend the top-spec model of the Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra, then, but the less costly models do make plenty of sense.

Apr 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra review: Mothership for your Galaxy ecosystem


Samsung's latest Windows-based laptop ties deeper into the Samsung ecosystem than ever before and promises "ultra" tier performance, and it mostly holds up to scrutiny. Binding together all of your Samsung Galaxy products.

Apr 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Brandon Hill (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Laptop Review: Versatile MacBook Pro Rival


A surprisingly good MacBook Pro alternative with Raptor Lake and GeForce RTX 40 power.

Apr 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra review: Meet Samsung’s answer to the MacBook Pro


The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra features a gorgeous 16-inch OLED display, a thin elegant design and enough power to handle creative projects and gaming. It’s the ultimate Samsung laptop.

Overall, the Book 3 Ultra isn’t a MacBook Pro killer per se, but it is a killer 16-inch Windows laptop and is deserving of the Ultra name.

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Ingolf Leschke (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra im Test: Edel, groß und stark


Mit dem Galaxy Book 3 Ultra hat Samsung ein Top-Notebook, das sich im Test aus dem Stand auf Rang 1 der besten Arbeits-Notebooks platzierte.

Sehr hohes Arbeitstempo ; Hohes Spieletempo ; Top-Display ; Sehr lange Akkulaufzeit ; Arbeitet schön leise ; USB-C 4.0 mit Thunderbolt 4

Extrem hoher Verkaufspreis ; Keine Aufrüstmöglichkeiten

Am Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in der hier geprüften Ausstattungsvariante NP960XFH-XA4DE gab es im Test fast nichts zu meckern – nur die fehlenden Aufrüstmöglichkeiten fielen negativ auf. Ansonsten attestierten die Prüfer dem Book 3 Ultra durchweg gute...

Apr 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Rainer Müller (

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra im Test: Kraftpaket für Kreative


Samsung ergänzt seine Notebook-Serie um das Highend-Modell Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, das den gehobenen Ansprüchen von Kreativen gerecht werden soll. Stimmt das auch?

hervorragend verarbeitetes, robustes 16-Zoll-Notebook ; Spitzen-CPU/GPU, sensationelle System- und Grafikleistung ; brillantes 3K-OLED-Display (120 Hz) ; tolle Eingabegeräte ; 1080p-Webcam (Full-HD) ; vielfältige Schnittstellen ; umfangreiches...

kein Mobilfunkmodem ; im Vergleich zum Pro-Modell um 4 Millimeter dickeres Gehäuse ; hoher Preis

Trotz der im Vergleich mit den Pro-Modellen größeren Abmessungen und des höheren Gewichts ist das Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in Relation zu seiner Leistung und Ausstattung ein ziemlich kom­paktes und durchaus noch mobiltaugliches Gerät, an dem Kreative und...

Apr 2023