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ENCORE Digital Media Player for TV and Computer ENMMP-X210


Easy setup, works great. I have 2 1TB hard drives connected with 100s of movies and tv programs. I have had the player for about 6 months


Okt 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Good Short Term use


playing files consistently for 24-72 hours caused 6/6 recorders to shut down. 1 froze on the opening of the video, 1 decided it could no longer play that video format, and the other 4 just went black screen or reset.

Nice sized player, has spaces for VGA and RCA as well as Component connections

No internal storage, limited file formats availible

Sep 2010

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Sucks and works not at all. Waste of money

Aug 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Easy to Use


Very simple to use and works pretty good for the price. I recommend buying this for the price and simplicity.

Very simple to use. I showed my 9 year old daughter how to use it and hook it up and now she is doing it

Wish it would play a few more formats, but I encode my videos to RM/RMVB to have good quality and smaller size to work with this and it's OK

Aug 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Works Great


looks good, works good cant complain for the price really. Oh it's picky about the format the clip is in, not a big deal just need to get a converter

Brought this for my father so he can watch movies on his older tvs. Product is very simple to use, took me 10 min to show him how to use it

Nothing so far, power cord is a bit short for the media set up we have but that's just me, i like to conceal my wires. heats up a bit its just like any external hard drive

Aug 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Follow up


Make SURE you go into setup and select your options. For composite output to a tv use "NTSC Composite" rather than "NTSC Interlaced". For this price you can't beat the capabilities. I'd recommend it to friends and family.

Received the RMA replacement today. This one has no problems. I loaded a few movies and photos onto a usb flash drive and tried it out. I like the ability to skip around from movie to movie, the fast forward, reverse, zoom and the ability to turn...

Without HDMI output you'll have to use composite on a newer tv. If you want to use this with a digital converter on a tv with one set of inputs you'll need an input switcher of some kind. Does not support mp4. It can seem to hang if you ask it to do...

Jul 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Almost useless


It works as specification. Easy to use

When play a number of pictures, MP3 songs, or movies, it is not start from first one and playing according to file name ordering. It is always random playing. It has to be manually selecting one by one. It is almost useless ; Hope ENCORE can update...

Jul 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

ENCORE Digital Media Player for TV and Computer ENMMP-X210


Waiting for replacement on RMA from Newegg. For some reason UPS is taking forever to get mine to Newegg in Calif.

Simple, just plug in a stick or card and it finds it. You can see files and folders too. Great way to watch media on portable devices. Remote is easy to use

I got unlucky. Mine only output in black and white (but did that nicely) but would stop playing and go back to the menu screen at random. It seemed to lose the media plugged into it

Jul 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)



I do believe that over time this unit will be improved to handle other video formats...I will buy that item gladly...good product!

Awesome!!! As advertised...this is the second one that I have purchased through newegg...plays AVI files great...that is all you need from from a flash drive...I love the simplicity and the user friendly aspects of this device

Chokes on MP4 files and every now and then an issue arises that audio and video synchronization remind me of the old Japanese movies that have the weird 'out of sync' lip movement...small problem! It all depends on the quality of the AVI file that you...

Jun 2010

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)



I bought a samsung DVD player with a usb that also worked as a media player with a thumb drive. Since I never really use DVD's anymore this was a no-brainer for every bedroom in the house.

Nice way to play all your music, pictures, and movies on your t.v. Component AND composite outputs (composite works for older t.v.'s with the yellow, red, and white inputs) along with vga for most pc monitors and flat panel t.v.'s. Nice and small....

Wish it was black

Apr 2010

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