Epson P-5000

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Ekspertanmeldelse av : Good Gear (

Expert Review


The Epson P-5000 is a great device for professional photographers. While the high price tag means it is far from a mass market product, those who are regularly on the road taking pictures will really appreciate the extra storage.

Great screen, 80GB of storage, Media playback capabilities

Expensive, Quite chunky

Nov 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Cliff Smith (

Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer


Tired of carrying a laptop around with you on photoshoots?

Physically, the unit is intuitive to work with, comfortable to hold with the majority of the work being done with the right thumb. The two memory card slots are sensibly placed on the top for easy access along with the headphone socket. The remainder...

Feb 2011

Ekspertanmeldelse av : What Hi-Fi? (

Epson P-5000 review


Start saving - this is a must for serious viewers after a top display

Glorious picture quality ; large hard drive ; easy to use ; decent battery life

Not cheap

If you’re serious about movies on the move, the Epson’s the portable to pick

Jul 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Doug Harman (

Epson Photo Viewer P-5000 USB 80GB Multimedia Storage Viewer


Epson's P5000 viewer provides a compact high-capacity storage and multimedia-viewing system, which, like its forbear the P4000, combines excellent screen quality, plenty of storage space, ease of use and tough build quality. The P5000 is pricey but...

Screen quality, build, and simple to use

Price, screens not widescreen, menus are a little convoluted for some tasks

The P5000 is pricey but provides great scope for storage on the move or video watching or listing to MP3s.

Feb 2008

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Epson P-5000 review


Taking more pictures than a Japanese tourist? Then get yourself this 80GB photo viewer and carry on snapping, our shutterbug friend

A whole lot of camera for very little money. Snap one up

Des 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Gagan Gupta (

Epson P-5000


Epson's new 80GB Multimedia Storage Viewer

Mai 2007

EISA Award - Best Product

Ekspertanmeldelse av : EISA (

Epson P-5000


This multimedia device has an 80GB hard disk, CF and SDHC card slots, a removable battery and high-speed data transfer capability. It is very simple to use, with a straightforward user interface displayed on a 4-inch high performance colour LCD screen...

Jun 2007

TIPA Award!

Ekspertanmeldelse av : TIPA (

Best Storage Back-up: Epson Multimedia Storage Viewer P-5000


The Epson P-5000 Photo Viewer offers 80GB of storage capacity and a large, 4in LCD based on Epson Photo Fine Ultra LCD technology. Besides JPEG and RAW files, a variety of video and audio formats are also supported, making this a true multimedia...

Jan 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse av : PhotographyBLOG (

Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer


The Epson P-5000 is both a forward leap in terms of functionality and speed, and perhaps a backwards step for some photographers in terms of the overall design. The P-5000 is much quicker than the older P-4000 model. The transfer speed from memory card...

Jan 2007

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Joe Eitel (

Epson P5000: 80 GB Multimedia Device


In the world of digital photography, it's not always easy to lug around a bulky laptop to various photo shoot locations. This is the problem that Epson planned to solve when creating their line of portable multimedia devices. This review will...

I have found that the Epson P5000 can be a great tool for a professional photographer. I recommend it for this group, because it does such a good job of displaying ultra-high resolution photos on its great quality 4 inch LCD display. The ability to...

Feb 2008

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