HP Pavilion A6530f

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pris, brukbarhet, stabilitet, design, størrelse

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great deal!


Really solid build though lacking in basic on board graphics. Luckily there are two open gpu slots and i shall be upgrading shortly. Cards are cheap these days and with the price i paid(399) i can easily have a gamer under 500. If you are thinking of...

Gives you a lot for the money, nice keyboard, fast boot ups and loads, great office machine. Room to grow

Low graphics, only 300 watt psu

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Was great while it worked...


This system has had multiple reviews where users get a BSOD shortly after setting it up, its a shame that the consumers get stuck without a computer because of faulty hardware.

Triple core is great, nice size hard drive

Had it for 2 days then I got a blue screen of death, ran diognostics and it the ram showed that it was faulty. Have been waiting 3 weeks for a return but newegg is slow

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

HP has done a good job


If HP would put a 500 watt Power supply and older 8000 nvidia in it from the get go this would be a sick deal.

Speed, Hard-drive, Amount of Ram, Media Drive, Low running volume. TRICORE CHIP IS AWESOME

Video Graphics. Do yourself a favor and get 9400 GT and call it a day. Power Supply is kinda weak

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Wife loves it!


Wife loves it!

Easy to set up, very quiet, large disk and decent amount of memory. Fast running, but we are not a big user of games. First time we used Vista but wasn't too bad, only had trouble setting up file sharing

didn't realize how slow my laptop is. none right now

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Great PC


This is a great computer for everyday use, but if you want to play games, you need to upgrade a few things.

This is a great computer. it is really fast and has a huge hard drive. Triple core makes it fast at converting and runs very quiet

It has a terrible graphics card and weak power supply. I upgraded it to a OCZ 600w and a BFG 9600 GT. works Great now. It only has one burner, but i upgraded that too and it works great

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Great computer for the price


1st time I left it on overnight, it went into some sort of sleep or hibernation mode that I couldn't get it out of without hitting the power button. Just had to change the default Vista power setting to not do that, but that is a default software...

Extremely easy to set up out of the box and was up and running in 15 minutes or so. Was able to quickly and simply add it to my existing home network and transfer all my previous computers' files to it ; Good size hard drive, and amount of memory with...

States 640 GB HD, but even including the 11gb partition for the restore file, it was closer to 585 GB total. Not a huge deal, but would have been nice to know ahead of time as that is a decent difference. I understand this might be common though,...

Des 2008

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HP Pavilion A6530F(KQ496AA) Phenom X3 8450(2.1GHz) 4GB DDR2 640GB NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit


Great for the price. Runs like a beaut

the nvidia geforce 6150 sucks. If you do any kind of gaming you're gonna have to buy a better video card

Des 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

what more can u ask 4?


triple AMD processor is great. very quick. worked right out the box 4 gb of ram


Nov 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

Average User


When I read the review for the BSOD, I thought that it was just a factory mistake at first but when it happened to me, I thought perhaps there was something more, hence posting this review

Cant really grade the technical specifications of the computer so much I as can only really rate how I've enjoyed the experience so far, but it is really fun and intuitive. Switching from XP to Vista wasnt as bad as everyone made it out to be

I also got the Blue Screen no more than about a few days usage into the computer and the only thing I've been doing was downloading various common apps that I've used on my other computer previously such as firefox, avg, vlc, etc. From what I can tell,...

Sep 2008

Brukeranmeldelse (newegg.com)

First Impressions


Should you go for 64 bit processor and 64 bit Vista? All of my older games that I loaded worked fine. Many technical articles say that 64 bit is the future and that you can get an increase in performance. You are set for future 64 bit software. 32 bit...

Easy to set up, 64 bit system offers enhanched performance, great for email, internet surfing, word processing. Ran very well with my 22 in. monitor (at maximum resolution) multitasking without any problem. Opened muliple programs without any lag in...

Well, the pros say alot about the PC when it was working. I ended up with the blue screen of death, not sure why: could be the PC, VISTA, or some other reason. Device conflict? All-in-all Vista Premium 64 bit performed well and I do prefer Vista over...

Aug 2008

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