Nintendo DSi XL

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brukbarhet, størrelse, pris, design

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Ekspertanmeldelse av : McKinley Noble (

Nintendo DSi XL


Nintendo is bucking convention and going bigger with its new DSi XL

Superior audio quality, sleek yet hefty design, larger screen size benefits both graphics and DS touch gameplay

High price for a late redesign, despite larger dimensions there's no GBA support, camera resolution hasn't been improved from the original DSi whatsoever

Nintendo's extra large handheld bucks its predecessors' smaller, sleeker designs in light of a heftier frame and wider screen, but is it worth its equally sizable price tag -- especially with the newly announced 3DS on the horizon?

Apr 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Nintendo DSi XL review


Since Nintendo first asserted sole domination over the handheld gaming market with the release of the paperback-sized Game Boy in 1989, the company has striven...

Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Marc Saltzman (

Nintendo DSi XL Review


Nintendo's blown-up DSi XL offers a more immersive experience, but may not be worth the upgrade for existing DS owners.

Here’s the bottom line: the Nintendo DSi XL is probably not worth the upgrade if you already own a Nintendo DSi, because it’s essentially the same machine but, er, bigger. On the flipside, the DSi XL is only $20 more than the DSi, so if you’re in the...

Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Carol Mangis (

Nintendo DSi XL


Larger, but otherwise very similar to the DSi, the Nintendo DSi XL is a great choice if you're getting your first portable Nintendo device, especially to share among family members. The larger screens alone, though, don't provide enough incentive for...

Larger screens are easier to see. Side-angle viewing is much-improved and makes for better group gameplay. Louder, clearer sound. Pen-size stylus is bundled.

Not as pocketable as the DSi. Screen size has increased from the DSi, but resolution remains the same. Low-resolutions cameras have not been upgraded from the DSi. Comes in two odd colors.

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Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Jeff Bakalar (

Nintendo DSi XL review: Nintendo DSi XL


Nintendo DSi XL

Adds two supersized screens; improved viewing angle; fantastic battery life; great new pen-shaped stylus; preinstalled games and software.

A bit bulky and heavy; size makes device less portable; no improvements over DSi's cameras and internal storage; networking hiccups found in DSi remain; text-based games may look slightly blurry; old DSiWare games can't be transferred over to the XL.

At the end of the day, the DSi XL is exactly the same as the DSi, so unless you're desperate for more touch-screen real estate, or your vision is impaired, we can't recommend a purchase over the original DSi.

Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Chris Kohler (

Review: Nintendo DSi XL


An extra inch of screen real estate takes Nintendo's newest portable from mere novelty to drool inducing "must have."

Big, gorgeous screens and comfy Sharpie-sized stylus prove it: Size matters. Better battery life than DSi

Blown-up art looks a bit pixelized. Where are we supposed to store that giant stylus

Feb 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Nintendo DSi XL review


A bigger, heavier and fatter Nintendo DSi for large-handed, clumsy people

Big-handed, short-sighted gamers of the world rejoice. Everyone else – shrug and stick with your old DS

Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Adam Hartley (

Nintendo DSi XL review


Nintendo relaunches the DS handheld in super-size form

Easier to use ; Bigger screen ; Larger stylus

Fiddly Wi-Fi ; Less portable ; The colour!

A bigger screen and wider viewing angle make this a solid improvement on 2009's DSi, with everything that makes the DS family of handhelds so enjoyable to play.

Nov 2018

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Chris Davies (

Nintendo DSi XL Review


It's the DSi on steroids, the portable console for the poorly sighted, for your grandparents, for anyone with big hands and big pockets. On sale in Japan for several months now, the Nintendo DSi XL has only just arrived on North American shores. Not so...

Mar 2010

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Matt Peckham, (

Nintendo DSi XL review


Let's start with the Nintendo DSi XL's down sides. It's heavier, weighing in at 314 grams, 22 percent more than the regular DSi (214g). It's bulkier, too, over 1.5 times the volume of the DSi - both wider and longer, although of roughly the same depth...

Should you buy the Nintendo DSi XL? Probably not, if you already own an original DS, DS Lite, or DSi. Not unless you have trouble making things out on any of those models' screens. Is Nintendo targeting the XL at a market - an older and/or visually...

Mar 2010

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