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Ekspertanmeldelse av : Thomas Deehan (trustedreviews.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Review


High-end e-ink devices are still a fairly new concept but the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra makes a compelling case for their existence.

Full access to the Google Play Store ; Fast performance in spite of its e-ink technology ; Writing is smooth and fluid ; The keyboard accessory makes sense here

The UI lacks the simplicity of the Remarkable 2 ; Accompanying app needs some work

Going far beyond what’s usually expected from an e-ink device, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is a full-on Android tablet that combines the benefits of e-ink technology with the wealth of apps on the Google Play Store.

Mai 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Prakhar Khanna (digitaltrends.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra review: an Android tablet unlike any other


The Boox Tab Ultra is an e-ink tablet that runs Android. It's unlike anything else on the market, and while it is expensive, it's also a delight to use.

Big anti-glare display with a matte finish Fast for an e-ink device Excellent battery life Brilliant keyboard case Comes with a stylus

Expensive Keyboard is sold separately

“The Boox Tab Ultra is an Android tablet unlike anything else on the market. With a premium design and lovely e-ink screen, there's a lot to like.”

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Philip Berne (techradar.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra review: an E Ink peg in an iPad hole


Onyx didn't stop to think if it should

Extra long battery life and standby time ; Robust pen features ; Works with an attachable keyboard

Screen refreshes are distracting ; Performance can’t keep up with fast typing ; Camera is not reliable enough

A powerful E Ink tablet running Android with Google Play access, and it even has a camera for scanning. I wish there was a surprise happy ending to this story but the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is exactly the tablet you’d expect. It can’t handle the things E...

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Rebecca Isaacs (zdnet.com)

The best e-ink tablet I've tested was not made by Amazon or ReMarkable


Review: The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is possibly the highest-specced e-ink tablet on the market. For some, that could be overkill. For others, it's exactly what they've been waiting for.

Super smooth writing experience ; Fastest processor to date ; Upgraded home hub and improved features ; New refresh rate customization

Pricey at $599 ; Much heavier than the standard e-ink tablet ; Scanner is inconsistent and unreliable

If you need a handy tablet that combines your e-reader, work notes, and the ability to at least capture images with a camera, the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra is one of the best options available . You'd be hard-pressed to find another e-ink tablet that comes...

Des 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av (androidcentral.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra review: Replacing my physical notebooks, one day at a time


Onyx is on a roll as it offers some of the best e-readers, but the Boox Tab Ultra might take the cake. This tablet is so much better than I ever expected.

Sep 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Kathleen Chapman (the-gadgeteer.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra E Ink notebook with keyboard cover review - The Gadgeteer


The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra E Ink notebook is a nice E Ink Android tablet, but unfortunately, it didn't do what I was hoping it would do. I stated at the beginning of the review that I wanted it to convert the handwritten text into typewritten text to make...

You can download apps from Google Play ; The Boox Pen2 Pro is included with the Tab Ultra ; The Pen2 Pro has an eraser ; There’s no lag when writing ; The battery lasts a week ; You can perform searches on your handwritten notes ; It has front lights...

The Boox Tab Ultra needs a more paper-like feel ; The Boox Notes app didn’t export my notes to my OneNote app (which I think it is supposed to be able to do) ; AI conversion of handwritten text to typed text in the Boox Notes app is confusing ; The Tab...

Jul 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Tom May (creativebloq.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C review: colour e-ink reader is also a tablet and laptop


It's like no e-reader you've ever seen, but what's it actually like to use? Our Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C review reveals all.

Colour e-ink display ; Doubles as Android tablet ; Great for note taking ; Excellent keyboard case ; Lots of storage

Websites and videos look weird ; Limited sound ; No audio jack ; Not Android 12

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C is a very specific thing for a very specific audience. If you want a standard tablet experience, head elsewhere. But if you want a colour e-ink display that is great for reading graphic novels, comics and manga, as well as...

Jun 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Jay Bonggolto (androidpolice.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra review: E-ink excellence, hamstrung by price


The Boox Tab Ultra is one of the most capable E Ink tablets money can buy, but its potential is hampered by E Ink's own limitations

Flexible refresh modes ; E Ink screen is easy on the eyes ; Paper-like screen allows for intuitive doodling and note-taking ; Impressive battery life ; Support for stylus and physical keyboard

More expensive than comparable brands ; The Scanner is often hit-or-miss ; Some Android apps are limited by its e-ink screen ; Slight delay when switching between apps ; Quite heavy for an e-reader

The Boox Tab Ultra is a productivity-promising device with a bevy of usability features under its arsenal. Still, the steep price may hold back some E Ink display enthusiasts after a smaller option or something budget-friendly. If you're in that camp,...

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Tyler Hayes (reviewgeek.com)

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra Review: The Best E-Paper Tablet PC Still Has Its Limits


The Boox Tab Ultra might look like a thick e-book reader, but it's closer to a computer or tablet in use. I even found myself in the web browser watching YouTube videos to prove it was possible. Of course, whether you should actually be doing the same...

Des 2022

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