Sage By Heston Blumenthal The Oracle™ Espresso Coffee Machine

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Oracle Coffee Machine


This machine replaced Sage Barista Express machine which we were pleased with and thought did a good job. Browsing in store one day we decided to take the plunge and upgrade. What a good decision. The build is excellent, the instructions are...

Nov 2017

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Bean to cup at the press of a few buttons


We having been toying with the idea of purchasing this machine for a while now. Our Son has had one for a while and we have always like it. So we took the plunge. After using our Son's machine, we knew what we would be getting. It really is nicely put...

Okt 2017

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Best of both!


Wonderful machine! Just what we wanted. I can grind up lots of different coffees including decaffeinated beans and store them in glass jars in the fridge. Then if I don't fancy the expresso beans in the hopper I can put the ground coffee of my choice...

Aug 2017

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Great, when it works.


I've owned this machine since June. For the first few weeks, it consistently produced an excellent cuppa. Now, it regularly overdoses & therefore under extracts, resulting in a poor quality cup of coffee & a waste of high quality coffee beans. So what...

Aug 2017

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Great machine. Rubbish instructions and Sage support


Once this machine is up and running the coffee is great. But be warned, to get it to do anything, it has to reach its operating temperature of 93C - and to do this the steam lever has to be horizontal. The manual doesn't say this until much too late,...

Mar 2017

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Great looking machine and great coffee. Has lots of options for adjusting amount of water, coffee, froth, etc but find that we mainly stick to the "normal" version.

Jan 2017

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Coffee Taste


This produces the most consistently superior coffee every time. The preset settings will set the benchmark, but it also allows you to custom everything to our personal preferences. Thank Sage and Mr Blumenthal.

Jan 2017

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Excellent Espresso


The closest a domestic espresso maker has got to a commercial machine. The easy of use makes it virtually impossible to make a bad cup of coffee. The manual option allows for flexibility whilst the auto programme can do everything to produce an...

Jan 2017

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Fabulous Coffee


The Oracle makes the best coffee which you can fine tune to exactly suit your own taste. The machine is well made and the instruction manual is very good. Very much recommend that anyone buying this machine organises the "white glove" visit as they...

Des 2016

Brukeranmeldelse (

For coffee lovers!


It is a lot of money to spend on a coffee machine, but as the saying goes, "Quality is long appreciated after the price is forgotten". After experiencing coffee from different machines, nothing they produced came near to the unique taste of the...

Sep 2016

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