Amazon Fire 7 (2022)

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Ekspertanmeldelse av : Peter Phelps (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022)


This tablet does not offer a brilliant experience, with the screen and the performance suffering major drawbacks.

Cheap ; Good battery life ; Decent app selection

Poor screen quality ; Disappointing audio ; Creaking performance

This tablet does not offer a brilliant experience, with the screen and the performance suffering major drawbacks; however, it does work well as an entry point device given its startlingly cheap price.

Aug 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Peter Hunt Szpytek (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review: How good can a $60 tablet actually be?


The Amazon Fire 7 (2022) promises to be a fully-fledged Android tablet for just $60. It's not perfect, but for the price, it's more than enough.

Excellent battery life Runs simple tasks efficiently Low cost Portable Optimized for streaming

Fire OS software Long charge times Poor display and cameras

“If you know what you're getting, the 2022 Fire 7 can't be beaten for the price. But don't expect it to be an iPad.”

Jul 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Dave LeClair (

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (2022 Release) Review


More affordable than most tablets ; Better specs and battery life than predecessor ; Hands-free Alexa support ; Expandable storage

Sluggish performance ; Limited app selection ; Low-resolution display ; Poor cameras ; Base models include ads on the lock screen

The $60 Fire 7 Tablet holds appeal if you want access to Amazon’s content ecosystem on the cheap, but you should keep your expectations in check.

Okt 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Amazon Fire 7 tablet review: great for Amazon lovers, less so for others


This is a simple, straightforward, low-cost and entirely adequate tablet for accessing Amazon services.

Works with Amazon Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos and more ; Good selection of third-party apps available ; Very affordable

Amazon App Store only; no access to Google Play for Android apps ; The screen is dim and has weak color ; Relatively slow performance

The Amazon Fire 7 is a cheap and cheerful tablet that offers a lot of features for a low price. Of course, that's assuming you like and are using Amazon products already.

Sep 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Tom Bedford (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review


Amazon's latest small-form tablet

Jul 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Sean Riley (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review: the best $60 tablet


An affordable content consumption companion

Jul 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Ben Johnston (

All-new Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review: Now discounted for Prime Day


Despite a minor price increase, the All-new Amazon Fire 7 (2022) is still the budget tablet to beat for sheer value

Improved specifications ; Reasonable battery life increase ; Still fantastic value for money

FireOS remains overly restricted ; Sluggish performance at times ; Mediocre display

The line that Amazon has always tried to walk with its Fire 7 tablets is cutting prices low enough to blitz the competition, while still offering enough functionality to be worth buying. This delicate tightrope act hasn’t always paid off – the 2019...

Jul 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Jim Martin (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review


Amazon's cheapest tablet is still good value, as long as you can live with all the compromises.

Still very affordable ; USB-C connector ; Decent battery life

Sluggish performance ; Poor cameras ; Low-resolution screen

Improved battery life and (slightly) better performance make this new Fire 7 worth the extra money. It’s great for kids, but you may want to spend more if it’s for an adult.

Jul 2022

Ekspertanmeldelse av : Haley Henschel (

Amazon's latest Fire 7 tablet meets the tepid expectations set by its $60 price point


It's still a dinky little tablet with mostly unimpressive specs. Duh!

Up to 1TB of expandable memory with a microSD card ; Ultra-portable size ; Hands-free Alexa support ; New dark theme ; Slightly better battery life than previous model ; Budget-friendly

The Fire 7 (2022) is still a deeply average tablet with some proprietary quirks, but "fine" and "passable" are totally acceptable at this price. It's a solid budget pick for frequent travelers and Amazon loyalists.

Mar 2023

Ekspertanmeldelse av (

Amazon Fire 7 (2022) review


A decently functional, compact tablet at a blazing-hot price.

But if you’re looking for a super-affordable tablet for watching streaming video on trips or on your commute, or another way to tap into social media and casual web browsing, then the Fire 7 can meet those budget-conscious needs. Steer clear if you put...

Okt 2022